modular jail facility

Modular Correctional Facilities

As you know, we at Nashua Builders build many different types of modular structures, in all realms of business and otherwise. We build modular hotels, (you may have read our most recent blog about our modular hotel construction in Silver Creek, what will soon be the new Silver Creek hotel), modular hospitals, prefab construction in…


Nashua Builders Silver Creek Hotel

The Silver Creek Hotel

Modular building is becoming more and more popular these days, as people are realizing that it is faster, more efficient, green, cost effective and overall just a great way to build. There is no limit to what type of structures can be built in a modular fashion—schools, hospitals, homes, offices and more. Currently, Nashua Builders…


Modular Construction

The Four Stages of Prefab Construction

Nashua Builders is among Idaho’s top 75 privately held companies, starting in the mobile home industry; now one of the most flexible manufacturing companies in the modular building and prefab modular buildings industry. Nashua markets include all modular lodging projects, commercial modular buildings, modular school buildings, prefab retirement homes, modular hospitals, prefabricated modular buildings, offices…


Nashua Builders: Demystifying Modular Myths.

When people hear the term “modular home” or “modular building,” a lot of misconceptions come to mind. Many people don’t truly understand the meaning of the term “modular” and incorrectly associate this concept with negative images. Sometimes modular buildings—in particular modular homes—get a bad rep and are viewed as somehow inferior to traditionally built homes.…