The Children’s Learning Center in Jackson, Wyoming

We at Nashua Builders are proud of our modular construction business, as we know that the benefits of modular construction are many. Modular/pre-fab construction means major savings financially, is significantly faster and more efficient than regular on-site building, and due to the controlled environment, green practices can be implemented.

And—perhaps the most notable example of commercial off-site construction in the local Jackson, Wyoming community is the construction of the new Community Learning Center building.

This building was recently built (2016) as a collaboration between Nashua Homes of Boise, Idaho, and the locally operated Big D Construction. The building is 15,000-square-feet, and three stories high. The building was completed in nine-months, which was calculated to have been completed in half the time it would have taken if not built in the modular/pre-fab way.

The finished product will house seven classrooms, a community nonprofit training center, a commercial kitchen and the Head Start Regional Offices.