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Casa Paloma Apartments


California is known for its high cost of housing. In Orange County—even with high average income and net worth—homelessness is a growing challenge. The need for safe, livable housing spurred Midway City to build Casa Paloma, the municipality's first modular supportive housing development.


Orange County's chapter of American Family Housing (AFH) chose modular construction for a number of reasons, including to control costs and shorten the timeframe to bring these urgently needed units to the community. Nashua Builders delivered on both requirements, ensuring budget certainty and schedule acceleration.


  • Budget certainty. Nashua Builders avoided costly delays due to labor/trade shortages or from weather, thanks to our reliable, in-place work force and our 154,000 square foot environmentally-controlled, off-site construction facility.

  • Schedule acceleration. At the same time foundation and site preparation were underway, Nashua was building the 87 modules and preparing them for transport. When the site was ready, the modules were delivered and installed in just days, cutting months of the time to occupancy.

Nashua is proud to play a key role in opening these 71 new units of affordable housing for unhoused and low income households in record time. The critically needed permanent supportive housing provides 48 households for unhoused residents and 21 households for very low income individuals and families. The Casa Paloma development also includes supportive services provided by AFH, Cal Optima and Orange County Health Care Agency.

Affordable Housing
Midway, CA
71 residential units
4 stories 
61,000 square feet
American Family Housing
KTGY Architecture
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