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About Nashua Builders

Gas was 95 a gallon when we first started changing the way people think about modular construction.

It's been 35 years since Nashua Builders began changing the way folks think about off-site modular construction. A lot has changed since those early days. New tools. New technology. New people. Today, we build beautiful resorts and hospitality destinations, town homes and apartments, and multi-family housing of remarkable quality, fit, and finish. We continue to move off-site construction forward, developing advanced techniques and new innovations every day. 


Some things haven't changed. We are proud of our unmatched longevity and history in the off-site construction industry in the western United States. The Nashua family includes, brothers, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, husbands, and wives, working together on successful projects.  We are fortunate to have commitment from multiple employees who moved with us when we relocated to our current facility in 1989. Additionally, we have been able to capitalize on the knowledge and lessons learned from previous generations with our own second-generation and third-generation employees.


We take pride in delivering world-class quality, legendary workmanship, and game-changing schedule and budget advantages to clients. Most of all, we feel a true sense of accomplishment when forward-thinking owners, developers, and others get the solutions they need to address their toughest challenges.


Winners in the modular industry's toughest competion.

Honorable Mention
Winter Park Resort
Honorable Mention
Oakland International Seniors
1st Place
Powder Light Housing
1st Place
Coburn Crossing Apartments
Honorable Mention
Casa Paloma Apartments
1st Place
Chamonix Town Homes

Industry firsts. And strong relationships that last.

Nashua has been pioneering better ways of building modular buildings off-site since the first day we opened our doors.

  • 3D design software for tighter tolerances, greater precision, and more efficient fabrication

  • Custom jigs ensure every module is built to the same precise specs as all the other modules—true and square

  • Hydraulic lifts position entire wall assemblies into place, speeding fabrication and improving fit and finish

  • Mezzanine and cat walks makes elevated work safe, sure and more efficient

  • Custom building wrap process to help keep the water out and the finished interiors pristine

  • Modified Nashua Piece Work program that compensates production teams for the work they do, not for punching a clock. Our programs instills efficiency while insisting on quality.  Do it once and do is right!

All of these were introduced for one purpose: to help us produce the best modular buildings possible, in the safest, most efficient way, so that our clients and the people who use their buildings can experience more entertaining vacations, better educations, and more enjoyable lifestyles.

The result has been a 35-year heritage of successful projects and lifelong relationships with customers who know they can trust Nashua to deliver when they need it most.

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