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Casa Paloma

Off-site modular construction by Nashua Builders was critical to controlling costs and shortening the time frame to bring these urgently needed housing units into the Orange County community.  



How do you build affordable housing in one of the most expensive cities in the country…without building dwellings that look like low-income housing? The Chamonix Townhomes addressed this challenge beautifully.

Coburn Crossing

Affordable housing in the Lake Tahoe resort area is scarce. This 138-unit complex is deed-restricted for local ownership to provide attainable housing for local residents who are the backbone of this popular area.


Frishman Hollow

The mountain town of Truckee, CA has an extremely short summer building season. Off-site construction in Nashua Builder's climate-controlled plant allowed all the units to be ready to install as soon as the foundations and site prep were complete.

Oakland International Seniors

Efficient modular construction by Nashua Builders provides solutions for the senior housing crisis, helping developers of senior living communities make projects more affordable.

Oakland-International-Seniors-Senior-Living-Exterior-6 copy.jpg

Powder Light

With Big Sky, Montana receiving nearly 4 feet of snowfall each year, local development manager Lone Mountain Land Company chose modular construction to avoid cold, snowy winter work—while speeding completion by months.

San Carlos

For dense urban settings like San Francisco, off-site construction by Nashua Builders minimizes site impact while overcoming onsite space constraints. A great example of delivering aesthetically pleasing multi-unit housing in a tight urban space.


Spring Creek Apartments

Spring Creek Village faced the construction challenges typical of mountainous areas situated miles from major urban centers. Nashua Builders and off-site construction delivered the perfect solution.

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