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Nashua modular buildings are ideal solutions for rapidly deploying cost- efficient office and commercial space, especially on tight sites or in crowded settings.  


Park Model
Tiny Home

Nashua's Park Model Tiny Homes deliver high-end finishes and surprisingly spacious living and sleeping spaces—plus a sheltered front porch, sliding glass doors, and large windows—in a compact footprint.

Remote Housing

Nashua has provided remote housing and prefabricated man camps for the Canadian and Alaskan oil industry. Our quality workmanship and extensive capabilities were crucial to these units delivering comfort in the face of extreme cold, harsh environments, and challenging build sites.



Nashua permanent modular kitchens, cafeterias, offices, and classrooms provide maximum functionality, utility, and cost efficiency. They can be deployed rapidly to meet changing needs while minimizing campus disruption.

The Children’s Learning Center

Nashua Builders delivers major savings financially and builds significantly faster than site-built methods. The Children's Learning Center was completed in half the time it would have taken using slower conventional construction.

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