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Chamonix Townhomes


The town of Vail needed affordable housing quickly. The resort area is one of the most popular luxury vacation spots in the world and local property owners are renting out units for top dollar on Airbnb and VRBO. This inflates housing prices and squeezes year-round residents out of affordable permanent housing.

Unfortunately, traditional construction struggles to meet housing demand due to a number of factors, including the area’s short construction season, inclement weather, labor shortages, and high costs. Nashua Builders was part of an attractive solution.


  • Budget efficiency. Building inside our 154,000 square foot production facility, Nashua eliminated costly materials spoilage caused by rain, sleet, snow, and cold. We also avoided budget-busting delays due to labor/trade shortages, thanks to our reliable, in-place workforce. 

  • Schedule acceleration. These same advantages—constructing out of the weather with our in-place builders—helped speed up construction. They allowed us to start building in our Boise plant even while the spring snows still were falling in Vail. When the weather did moderate, foundations and site preparation took place at the same time we were completing modules. When the sites were ready, we immediately shipped modules for fast installation. The result? Units were ready for occupancy by local residents in time for peak ski season.

  • Upscale quality. These luxurious, 3-story townhomes deliver the world-class aesthetics and amenities that residents and visitors expect in Vail.


The Chamonix townhome complex was made possible by a public-private funding partnership led by the Town of Vail. Nashua’s off-site modular construction saved this project over a year in build time, helping hundreds of local residents find housing before peak ski season.

Vail, CO
38 residential units
3 stories over garage
40,600 square feet
Town of Vail
359 Design
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