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Coburn Crossing Apartments


The Lake Tahoe area is a year-round vacation paradise, with wealthy visitors providing an economic boon. But for nearby Truckee—as with many other resort areas—local residents face a challenge finding affordable multifamily housing in a market dominated by short-term vacation rentals.


Towns like Truckee are trying new approaches to solve the problem, including changing zoning laws, subsidizing specific types of housing, and encouraging faster and more efficient modular construction. All three of these factors came into play for Truckee’s latest affordable multifamily housing complex: Coburn Crossing Apartments. Nashua Builders delivered on the efficient modular construction part of the equation.

  • Budget certainty. Nashua Builders prevented the costly materials spoilage caused by mountain rain, sleet, snow, and cold by fabricating inside our protected, 154,000 square foot off-site construction facility. In addition, our year-round, in-place workforce helped eliminate expensive delays by circumventing the tight availability of labor and trades in the Lake Tahoe area.

  • Schedule acceleration. Nashua was able to start building in our environmentally-controlled Boise plant while snow was still on the ground in the mountainous Tahoe area. Our work continued as site preparation began in the summer. As soon as the site and foundations were ready, transport began to allow efficient installation and completion. This allowed locals to take up residence by time the peak winter season started.

Nashua built two of the five Coburn Crossing apartment buildings, all of which are deed-restricted for local-ownership-only to provide attainable housing for the residents who are the backbone of this popular area.

We're proud that our off-site modular construction not only addressed the affordable housing issue for local residents, but also helped boost long-term economic growth—supporting a larger permanent workforce for Lake Tahoe’s world-class skiing, snowboarding, boating, mountain biking, and  more.

Affordable Housing
Truckee, CA
56 of 139 total residential units
3 stories on grade 
37,200 square feet
Triumph Development
The Worth Group
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