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Oakland International Seniors


Each day, tens of thousands of Americans reach retirement age—and that will be the case for at least a decade to come. But amid the many senior housing developments for the wealthy, affordable senior housing for the majority of elderly adults on fixed incomes is scarce. 

By increasing efficiency and reducing time to market, modular construction by Nashua Builders offers solutions to the senior housing crisis, helping developers of senior living communities make their projects more affordable.


Oakland International Seniors is the largest recently-designed affordable complex for seniors in the Bay Area. This 320-unit, five-level modular project is built over one level of parking/amenity space and a concrete podium.

Senior living developer AMG & Associates, LLC/The Pacific Companies originally planned for the complex to be conventionally built, but once they determined the time and expense of the project, they sought alternative solutions to secure funding, bring the project to market,  and keep rental rates down—while continuing to provide high-quality, well-designed residences for low and moderate-income seniors.

Senior Living
Oakland, CA
320 units
5 stories over podium
268,000 square feet
AMG & Associates, LLC / The Pacific Companies
Architects Orange
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