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San Carlos Multi-Family Apartments

Space is at a premium in the housing-strapped San Francisco Bay Area. To accommodate more people in this dense urban setting, area cities are re-zoning single-family residential properties to allow multi-family apartments and condominiums.

Developers are looking to off-site modular construction to complete these units quickly while reducing disruption in established neighborhoods. Nashua Builders provided  the developer an ideal solution.


  • Schedule acceleration. While the podium/parking garage was being prepared at the site, Nashua completed all the modular units in our 154,000 square foot environmentally-controlled, off-site construction facility, allowing occupancy months sooner than would have been possible with conventional stick-built construction.

  • Less disruption. With framing, MEP, drywall, fixtures, finishes, and painting completed at our plant—far from the site—Nashua greatly reduced the number of contractor trips to the site and minimized noise, disruption, and construction/safety hazards at this location deep in the heart of a quiet single-family residential neighborhood.

The San Carlos Apartment project provides nine units of quality living in three modular, wood-framed stories built above the parking structure podium. This small multi-family apartment complex is located near public transit, attracting young urbanites with its hip, modern design, and ample bicycle parking for commuters. The project is a great example of making quality and aesthetically pleasing multi-unit housing attainable in a tight urban space.

Affordable Housing
San Carlos, CA
9 residential units
3 stories on parking garage 
11,000 square feet
Linda Su Development
Toby Long Design
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