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Schools | K-12 and Higher Ed

Schools have turned to Nashua Builders to deliver permanent modular buildings that deliver all the aesthetics, utility, and functionality of conventional construction. At the same time, we provide great cost-efficiency, quality and accelerated completion to meet changing needs.

Cost effectiveness. Nashua Builders delivers budget efficiency thanks to our highly-performance factory production process. We also avoid costly delays caused by inclement weather, regional labor shortages/availability, etc. from impacting budgets.

Schedule compression. We build indoors at the same time site preparation is taking place so we can be ready to install modules as soon as the foundation is ready—instead of the conventional approach whereby construction cannot begin until after the foundation is ready. This allows schools open their doors months sooner than is possible with conventional stick-built construction.

Minimal site disruption. Up to 90% of construction takes place in our factory and not on campus. This greatly reduces construction safety hazards and noise, dirt, and dust that disrupts learning.


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