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Spring Creek Apartments

Spring Creek Village is a community of well-appointed apartments set in a mountain valley within the White River National Forest. At an elevation of more than 6,300 feet, and surrounded by Rocky Mountain peaks approaching 9,000 feet, the area faces construction challenges typical of mountainous areas situated miles from major urban centers, including short build season and variability of construction labor availability. 

Off-site construction with Nashua Builders provided an ideal solution, delivering the volume and capacity needed for this extensive development while meeting an aggressive timeline.

Schedule compression. Fabricating in our Boise factory helped avoid weather delays and accelerated construction. We were able to start building without worrying about unfavorable weather conditions. And our year-round, in-place workforce assured there were no stoppages or delays due to labor availability issues.

Budget efficiency. Conventional site construction can't match the speed of our highly efficient factory process. And fabricating indoors at our 154,000 square foot plant—where the weather is always 65 degrees and sunny—avoids the costly spoilage of materials that often plagues mountain job sites.

Less site risk and disruption. Spring Creek is located close to established neighborhoods. By completing up to 90% of construction in our Boise plant, we spared the community hundreds of trips by contractors, laborers, heavy equipment, delivery trucks, and more.

Spring Creek provides affordable, stylish living to hundreds of residents, with amenities like a community garden, clubhouse, basketball court, volleyball court, and grassy soccer field—all close to the amenities and local attractions of Gypsum.

Gypsum, CO
282 residential units
3 stories on basement
225,200 square feet
Polar Star
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