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The Children's Learning Center

The Learning Center wanted to bring multiple community programs housed in various buildings around the area under one roof. The non-profit had a tight budget and architect Gregory Mason of Krikor Architecture knew winters are long and the summer building season is short in Jackson, Wyoming. Nashua Builders provided an excellent solution.

Cost effectiveness. Nashua Builders constructed the 17 modules inside our 150,000 square foot environmentally-controlled, off-site construction facility. We delivered budget savings due to our highly-efficient factory production process. We also avoided costly delays caused by inclement weather, regional labor shortages/availability, etc. from impacting the budget.

Schedule acceleration. While site preparation was taking place, we were completing the modular units in our factory at the same time, enabling The Children's Center to open its doors months sooner than would have been possible with conventional stick-built construction.

Minimal site disruption. The new center was built in the heart of Jackson. Nashua greatly reduced disruptions for the surrounding businesses by completing much of the work far from the tight build site.

Today, The Children's Learning Center proudly provides Early Childhood Education, Early Head Start, Head Start, and Special Education Programs to the northwestern region of Wyoming in a spacious, modern facility that's beautiful on the outside and inside.

Jackson, WY
2 stories 
15,000 square feet
TLC (The Learning Center)
Patti Boyd, CLC
Gregory Mason, AIA
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